I want to live as if the world is, again, just beginning.       I have been told that there existed a time, when the world was just being born, that the physical and spiritual realms were not distinct — gods — ancestors walked the featureless earth, as giants, and formed that which we... Continue Reading →


"A man is asleep in the next room      We are his dreams      We have the heads and breasts of women      the bodies of birds of prey      Sometimes we turn into silver serpents"                              ... Continue Reading →


That bee the one in my head it’s speaking again and my being is a-fire with its echoing calls that ricochet off  the walls of my skull deafening and shrilly twisted but also crisp and  clearly intentioned its stinging voice flowing through the byzantine  maze of veins and arteries muscles and tendons  encased within my tingling skin so... Continue Reading →

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