Snapshot of Adolescence II

The school bus drops me off at the barn after school, and I clean stalls and horses until it is time for my lesson. The manuals and experts measure each animal hand over hand from ground to the tips of its ears. But I measure each creature by how close to flying it feels to... Continue Reading →

Snapshot of Adolescence I

During the summers, we canoe in the lakes, rivers, and streams of Ontario — just above those boundary waters of Minnesota. We campers exist without electricity or running water, air conditioning or toilets, televisions or the internet. It is something like dreaming, or so I feel as I carry the food pack on my shoulders.... Continue Reading →

Ship to Shore

I am lost, how to comprehend — how to construct, piece together, a framework out of that which remains incomprehensible — that which lacks any semblance of structure, which can never make sense, cannot and will not take on a shape we can gaze upon and give name to, and then move on. It stays... Continue Reading →

Local: Best Friend (Part II)

Her best friend was there too, with the couple, at the bar on those long and rowdy Thursday nights. She’d be close to the girlfriend — who was always at the center of attention — trying to join in the fun. The best friend knew the girlfriend’s routine with the crowd of regulars and assorted... Continue Reading →

Local: Couple (Part I)

He didn’t drink much, but he was there when she did — one of her palms flat on the smooth, worn wood, the other propping up her swaying head as she laughed into the shoulders of the other men at the bar.  He sat quietly and watched her reddening cheeks and sloppy, flirtatious grin, he... Continue Reading →


We walk the abandoned canal path, bodies close in the deepening night, watching the thousands of tiny lives flickering in and out of the shadows of trees and brush. Leaves green beneath a sky more black than the deepest sea. A wind that ascends to the treetops,  cadence of an evening storm to come. Monsoon season... Continue Reading →

Desert Sun

We lived close to the earth there, amongst the dirt and sand — heated by the constant presence of a sun whose rays remained unfettered by clouds and unblocked by anything that grew. They often say the sun “bakes” the air, everything it touches, and this it did there — felt something like an oven... Continue Reading →


There were nights when the stars were so plentiful I became drunk on their glow, staring straight up, sky swallowing all else with ease.  And the curve of the earth was visible, bending to each horizon like the graceful shape of an inverted bowl. The lake below the canoe could manage just pure reflection, rippling... Continue Reading →


Lingering prints left all over my form - evidence, clues, hallucinatory testimonies from visitors who departed some time ago all of which whose names matter no longer - yet aged deposits of remembered touch at the angular and sharp cleft of my jaw inside the tucked, soft flesh of my elbow below the puckered scar tissue... Continue Reading →

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