That’s something I could never shake

never been able to forget

how easily I was consumed by

lascivious greed

again and again

whenever you stepped into

my line of sight

There were things I ignored

signs that went stubbornly unnoticed

and signals screaming yet unheard

you never hid what you were

in fact

you told me outright

that you couldn’t be trusted

You had other things on your mind

more important concerns

then some idiot girl

nipping at your boot heels

and whining for attention

So I shouldn’t have been

consistently bewildered at

your reoccurring disappearances

but I accused you of everything that

I could come up with

and you calmly explained

once again

that you were simply dirt

And sure

you had a sincere grittiness to

your character and

wanton behaviors

that should’ve made me gallop

in the opposite direction

yet there I was


over and over

into that torrid mess throbbing

inside your lanky frame

refusing to take you

at your word

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