I don’t owe you anything though there are moments when I feel that I still do owe some sort of penance weighty and tight in my chest owe it to a memory that may or may not have ever been real cuz I can’t be certain anymore of anything I can recall as it’s all tangled/distorted... Continue Reading →


I feel fine for right now under this red-tinged half a moon waiting to go have a drink but I’ve got a sense of foreordaining and its creep-seeping into my body slow dancing within my blood and teasing my brain matter a troublesome nag of desire haunting my step some nights a few more than... Continue Reading →


Beg your pardon I left before dawn basking in the freshly lit world and filling spent lungs with the air of sudden leeway I can want it to be but there’s little left to be done You can wish it to be but there’s nothing more to say Beg your pardon Feelings don’t wash clean... Continue Reading →


I lay myself like harvested wheat over and over again before men hungry for reaping, and every time I remain stiff and sullen under their graceless hands, their base maneuverings leaving me dulled when once I was afire with possibility. Is this how it is to be loved?

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