We live on fringes and we are drawn together as if we have intimately known the other some time a long time before and can’t quite remember when or how   It’s lovely — really — this magnetism we have for one another   Floating in the chaos of this world, we find those who … Continue reading Edge


You've got my full attention, there's no quarreling with that, and I'm reasonably certain I've got your's by the canted look you get when I whisper - heavy-humming on the multitude of things I'd like to do to you, and keen to the air drawn past increasingly rabid throat-catches - so I guess we're just … Continue reading Crave


Everything I want to enact everything Now I want to feel it sense it all every word that sparks such flares of desire causing me to shake and tremble every touch that elicits roiling waves of passion creating in me a wish to devour Light me up in rashly-stoked flames and burning dreams Tear me anew … Continue reading Before


And I don't know how much it really means to be right There are things that I'd like to believe are true but I know that memory blurs, distorts, and bends with time and desire like that moon waxing and waning that I stare at in the pitch-black night of my dreams where I wait, … Continue reading Desire


I don’t owe you anything though there are moments when I feel that I still do owe some sort of penance weighty and tight in my chest owe it to a memory that may or may not have ever been real cuz I can’t be certain anymore of anything I can recall as it’s all tangled/distorted … Continue reading Atone