We lived for that intersection of seasons — the brief moment when summer and autumn coexisted, much like an eclipse of sun and moon. We were happy in that interim.      And it was so quick. Fast like snapping your fingers. If only it were infinite, maybe then we’d be happy all... Continue Reading →

Snapshot of Adolescence V

I have a birthmark on my back that has always looked like the beginnings of a gnarly bruise. After every running practice that I pull off my jersey someone else tells me I have a sick skin contusion near where my left kidney resides. And the fervor with which they exclaim it makes me almost... Continue Reading →

Snapshot of Adolescence IV

There are moments on the basketball court when everything is very still. And my mind is blank, save the movements before me — the ball slicing through air, the bodies next to me, the angle of an open teammate’s hands in my direction. And I become the breath passing through me, and I can feel... Continue Reading →

Snapshot of Adolescence III

When we drove home through the cornfields and the dark of evening had descended, there were deer that crossed the road. We had to drive slowly because one never knew when they would leap across the bridge of concrete traversing through the farms. They'd bound wildly in the headlights, surprised, caught off guard, fear in their... Continue Reading →

Snapshot of Adolescence II

The school bus drops me off at the barn after school, and I clean stalls and horses until it is time for my lesson. The manuals and experts measure each animal hand over hand from ground to the tips of its ears. But I measure each creature by how close to flying it feels to... Continue Reading →

Snapshot of Adolescence I

During the summers, we canoe in the lakes, rivers, and streams of Ontario — just above those boundary waters of Minnesota. We campers exist without electricity or running water, air conditioning or toilets, televisions or the internet. It is something like dreaming, or so I feel as I carry the food pack on my shoulders.... Continue Reading →


I want to live as if the world is, again, just beginning.       I have been told that there existed a time, when the world was just being born, that the physical and spiritual realms were not distinct — gods — ancestors walked the featureless earth, as giants, and formed that which we... Continue Reading →


"A man is asleep in the next room      We are his dreams      We have the heads and breasts of women      the bodies of birds of prey      Sometimes we turn into silver serpents"                              ... Continue Reading →

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