Bordertown: Chapter Two

Chapter Two      Children swim in that river — the one that slices through the two cities — or what little of it one can manage to swim in. It’s mostly just wading and splashing. The maquiladoras dump their waste nearby so that there’s a strange smell to the water, like rust and dry... Continue Reading →

Bordertown: Chapter One

Chapter One      The most beautiful and the ugliest place I have ever been.      The curve of that city, cut in half by the sludge trail of the Rio Grande River, clings gracelessly to the crumbling spine of the mountains, splaying out into the desert, stretching for miles in any direction available.... Continue Reading →

Local: Roommate (Part III)

The roommate was there too, on those Thursday nights at the bar. She and the other stoners from campus would light up in the gravel parking lot or, once they got drunk enough, in the tiny bathroom near the jukebox. Stella let it slide — they tipped well for a pitcher of admittedly-lousy beer, and... Continue Reading →

Local: Best Friend (Part II)

Her best friend was there too, with the couple, at the bar on those long and rowdy Thursday nights. She’d be close to the girlfriend — who was always at the center of attention — trying to join in the fun. The best friend knew the girlfriend’s routine with the crowd of regulars and assorted... Continue Reading →

Local: Couple (Part I)

He didn’t drink much, but he was there when she did — one of her palms flat on the smooth, worn wood, the other propping up her swaying head as she laughed into the shoulders of the other men at the bar.  He sat quietly and watched her reddening cheeks and sloppy, flirtatious grin, he... Continue Reading →

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