I lay myself like harvested wheat over and over again before men hungry for reaping, and every time I remain stiff and sullen under their graceless hands, their base maneuverings leaving me dulled when once I was afire with possibility. Is this how it is to be loved?


We skated glided on the surface of extreme emotion playing at passion for the sake of the other’s feelings touching with something like love but mostly only lust and a lark Sure we had some honest affection for one another but that was the farthest the deepest either of us could manage It was more … Continue reading Affection


To lay it all bare what once appeared so complicated but was in actuality quite simple I loved you adored you venerated you mythologized you beyond anything you could have possibly achieved anything anyone could possibly achieve so that you shined on a plain of existence no human being had ever could ever have scaled … Continue reading Calamity


You could have been quiet as dawn but I would have heard you regardless to me, you were louder than god and far more seductive in nature the lines and shapes you formed  howling like a squall for only me to hear I heard you I hear you