You could have been quiet as dawn but I would have heard you regardless to me, you were louder than god and far more seductive in nature the lines and shapes you formed  howling like a squall for only me to hear I heard you I hear you


It was something every time — you tossed me onto the stairs leading up to my apartment and had me coming within seconds my legs wrapped around your neck fingers scrapping through your hair nails in your tender scalp your face between my thighs I knew there was a reason I had worn a skirt... Continue Reading →

Bordertown: Chapter One

Chapter One      The most beautiful and the ugliest place I have ever been.      The curve of that city, cut in half by the sludge trail of the Rio Grande River, clings gracelessly to the crumbling spine of the mountains, splaying out into the desert, stretching for miles in any direction available.... Continue Reading →

Passing Evening

I’ll be there some future evening with the windows open curtains languidly twirling while the breeze slips in through the screen moving like a shadow across the plain of his face A raising a prickling of memory silent and soft as a season gently waning into the next He’ll sit and think of me For... Continue Reading →


You turn and I comply hands on my neck fingers in my hair  it’s so simple you draw me in and I can’t get out Wrest free Ravaged shattered carry all these pieces home count and count and count singing quietly a song you’ll never hear


That’s something I could never shake never been able to forget how easily I was consumed by lascivious greed again and again whenever you stepped into my line of sight There were things I ignored signs that went stubbornly unnoticed and signals screaming yet unheard you never hid what you were in fact you told... Continue Reading →

Local: Roommate (Part III)

The roommate was there too, on those Thursday nights at the bar. She and the other stoners from campus would light up in the gravel parking lot or, once they got drunk enough, in the tiny bathroom near the jukebox. Stella let it slide — they tipped well for a pitcher of admittedly-lousy beer, and... Continue Reading →


You were surprised by how forward I was following you home on a silly presumption and pressing my lips onto yours after a sly glance and just a few drags on the joint that had been hastily rolled for us to share had your pants off before you could manage to ash it so that... Continue Reading →


The sky rips open like the end of the world and the bone-rending shake of thunder that follows that razored piercing ladder of light syncopates a fleet tempo of rain pounding against the ever-weakening  crust of earth that will be soaked through the leagues of dirt surely all the way down to the roof of hell

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